FCCPS EDTECH Links (weekly) — April 28, 2013

FCCPS EDTECH Links (weekly)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of FCCPS_EdTech group favorite links are here.

FCCPS EDTECH Links (weekly) — April 21, 2013

FCCPS EDTECH Links (weekly)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of FCCPS_EdTech group favorite links are here.

Google Summit Goodness — April 20, 2013

Google Summit Goodness

Recently I spent an awesome weekend with fellow educators (@MrLands, @MrD_fccps_Tech, @JWBrett @rjowers and @edulicious) @ at the VA Google Summit in Charlottesville. The following post is my attempt to summarize some of the highlights.

Personalization with [Google] Presentations with @digiteacher

This session really opened my eyes to the possibilities of using Google Presentations in  different ways. The benefits of using Google Presentations are the same as using any of the tools in Drive (already online, easy to embed media, can collaborate with others). I consider the other added benefit being that it lacks all the ‘bells and whistles’ of Microsoft PPT.

Using a GPresentation for Interactive Notebooks and or ePortfolios is an incredible idea for using one file that is always being updated.

Interactive Notebooks (no glue needed):

  1. Create a table of contents
  2. Pre-made slides/activities that inlcudes links and videos
  3. Slides/activities can include fill-in, insert images/videos, click and drag
  4. Share a template to all students using Doctopus

Check out Joan Brown’s (@digiteacher) website to learn more >>>A Tale of Two Years

StoryBuilder with @thetechtiger

Storybuilder is a fun way to use the power of Google to create an animated video/digital story.

Research Tool in Google Drive with @gglibrarian

The Research Tool is a new enhancement to Google Drive that enables you to insert copyright free Images into any document while citing it’s source (MLA or APA).

GMAIL Tricks with @cbell619

  • Canned Responses – GMAIL Labs: Allows you to create templates of emails that you always need to send. For example, I have to send daily emails helping parents create accounts for Powerschool Gradebook. With only a few edits, I can quickly send the information.
  • Google Calendar Gadget – GMAIL Labs: Allows me to view a small calendar from Gmail.
  • Preview Pane – Gmail Labs: Allows me to read most emails without having to open them.
  • Google Groups – Create a group (using email addresses)

Making Movies in YouTube with @mistersill

This session demonstrated the new power of YouTube for editing movies. Youtube is not only a great place to showcase your class videos, but now you can edit/enhance those videos.

He shared the new iOS app called Youtube Capture app. This app allows students using iphones, itouches and ipads to film and directly upload to Youtube. This simple app replaces the need to store videos on the device and makes sharing easy.

To learn more about using YouTube to create and edit video to support your instruction, Join me for a Digital Learning Wednesday Session called Using Video to Enhance your Instructional Delivery on May 8th.

25+ Ways to Use Google for Online & Blended Learning with Chris Bell (@cbell619)

Now that we have found a LMS that works for us (Go SCHOOLOGY!!!!) and have more access to technology than ever before, our next step is to explore “blending’ our classroom instruction. There are many online tools that help us extend our instruction outside the classroom.

  • Use a screen capturing software to record revisions and feedback via Google Docs. Students can see your changes while they hear you explain it.
  • Take a picture (or use the webcam to take a Snapshot) of homework and upload to Google. Comments can now be added to the right margin of images.
  • Use Google Groups to create a Classroom HELPdesk. Ask students to seek out help from each other first. Google Groups allows you to create an email address that students can send help requests to. These emails are then stored in a Discussion Thread type list that allows for replies.

Since Google is ever changing…I hope to attend the GAFE Summit next year to learn more.

FCCPS EDTECH Links (weekly) — April 7, 2013
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